Partnership Building

The leadership challenges in West Africa require multi-level approach, multi-sectoral and multi-faceted interventions. MILWA works with various credible and reputable local, national and regional institutions and organisations across West Africa to share experience and expertise, to avoid duplicity of efforts and to maximise scarce resources.  Building such partnership with enhance coordination and coherence in our interventions.

Training and Research

The leadership and institutional capacity building of MILWA specifically focus on producing ethical and principled leaders, enhance organizational development and governance, Planning; Results-based-Management; Resource Mobilization; Communications; Results-based Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E); Gender; Conflict-Sensitive Programming and transform Organizational Culture.

Mentoring and Internship

Two key demographic groups, women and youth, are major focus areas of MILWA’s beneficiaries.  Women and youth represent the majority of the population in the region but are disproportionately affected by conflicts and security challenges.  Furthermore, they constitute the largest electorates in West Africa, however, are not fully involved in decision-making processes concerning security, governance and political issues.  MILWA intends to train and engage with women and youth groups through the provision of mentorship and internship to create a critical mass of youth and women leaders in West Africa to act as agents of change in their respective country and the region.  Africans from the diaspora are welcome to undertake internship at MILWA.

Policy Promotion

MILWA undertakes to play a key role in tackling corrupt and unethical practices in the public and private sectors with special focus on civil society organisations in West Africa. To achieve that goal, MILWA will produce, jointly with individuals, academic and non-academic institutions, research and policy papers to influence policy and decision-making in West Africa.

Symposium and Conference

MILWA organises national and regional symposia and conferences to debate and promote burning issues such as corruption, bad governance, emerging threats to human security in West Africa.