Advisory Board

The Advisory board of MILWA will be composed of qualified women and men – not necessary prominent, but innovative, decisive and committed who can give strategic direction to its senior management and closely monitor their performance.  At the beginning, MILWA will seek to recruit 6 qualified Africans working in Dakar to avoid the high costs of board meeting.

Technical Advisors

The technical advisors of MILWA will be qualified young Africans in the diasporas or on the continent who can provide benevolent technical expertise to support MILWA’s work.

Associates of MILWA

The Associates of MILWA are highly qualified Africans who can be called on to contribute to its work.


The goal of MILWA is to focus on having a permanent physical space for the Institute.  At the initial stage, it will make sense to eventually rent a space for the annual meetings and in terms of starting budget.

  1. Executive Director
  2. Director of Operations
  3. Director of Business Development
  4. Senior Manager for Administration and Finance
  5. Admin Officer/Couriers
  6. Program Coordinators
  7. Program Officer
  8. Executive Assistant
  9. Receptionist
  10. Cleaner
  11. Security Guards