MILWA embodies and promotes the principle of progressive and ethical leadership that defined so many of Africa’s greatest leaders such as Nelson Mandela in order to address West Africa’s systemic governance and security challenges.


A steadfast commitment to principled and ethical conduct is the cornerstone of progressive and transformative leadership. Many of our continent’s greatest leaders worked tirelessly to improve the lives of their people, no matter the personal costs. Clear focus on concrete goals, selflessness, ethical practice, transparency and integrity-driven decision making process are our benchmarks for good leadership. MILWA strives to groom new breed of leaders in West Africa that are committed to innovate and transform their environment for the betterment of the populations.


MILWA embraces inclusive, collaborative and participatory approach to enrich our knowledge, understanding, values and humanity. MILWA seeks to align itself under the philosophy of Ubuntu, which echoes that, "a person is a person through other persons… I Am because We Are."   MILWA strives to build and sustain collaborative engagements in West Africa and the continent’s by working with young emerging leaders in local communities, civil society organisations, academics, the diasporas and national, regional, and international organisations. Our emerging leaders will build relationships on common goals and interests, while identifying and acknowledging the needs and aspirations of all.


MILWA embraces West Africa’s diversity by promoting tolerance and peaceful coexistence. Different communities, whether based on ethnicity, religion, social and cultural practices, political orientations, can coexist and collaborate for mutual benefits. Unfortunately, some of our past and present leaders have used these differences as divisive tools to the detriment of their communities and nations, resulting in violent conflicts, displacements and scarcities. MILWA will strive to promote our region’s diversity as one of its strongest assets.


We are steadfast in our commitment to Pan-African Excellence to rid the continent of its image of ‘conflict and poverty’. MILWA will promote the ‘Africa Rising’ narrative by developing leaders that will be oriented towards building solutions for their communities from Africa’s own resources and human capital and projecting African voices around the world. Young West Africans, including those in the Diaspora, will contribute to Africa’s leadership capacity to improve human security at continental level.


MILWA recognizes the values, contributions and equal rights of all citizens in building better communities and a more peaceful and prosperous West Africa. There are overwhelming ethical, social, economic, and political motivations behind striving for gender equality and tolerance of all individuals regardless of gender identities. Traditional and culturally-based discrimination along gender lines does not and should not impact communities’ fundamental obligations to protect individual’ rights.  MILWA will emphasise on the importance of gender equality in all aspects of society and combat discrimination against women attaining leadership position in all sectors. We firmly stand by our conviction that all people are created equal and should have equal opportunities.